wild goose art web design

Quality standards

Wild Goose Art delivers the latest technology in Web Design. We pride ourselves on creating and using new techniques and features, and taking advantage of capabilities offered by Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Flash, MySql and other state of the art tools to create the very best presence on the Web for your business or organization



We believe that bottom line, people like to buy from people. Feedback and give-and-take is as important as education in the process of establishing the purposes and goals of a website, so we believe in an interactive approach during the design and implementation process. Often concepts change as the design develops, as customers sometimes begin the process with misconceptions or without an understanding of their goals in establishing a website.


Customer support

We recognize that Customer Support IS our business. Websites are a snapshot of your business and organization, and must change over time.


Best solutions

There are many ways to do a particular job, but some ways are better than others. We work to understand what approach will fit your situation, offering as much flexibility as possible while paying attention to keeping costs low.